Zainichi: The Story of Koreans in Postwar Japan

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Zainichi: The Story of Koreans in Postwar Japan

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Portraying the fifty-year history of zainichi (long-term residents in Japan) Koreans after the liberation of Korea, traces of zainichi evoked in this film question the concepts of 'post-war democracy' and 'pacifism' in Japan. With copious stock footage and testimony, the first half of the film, "History," chronologically traces the various experiences of zainichi from Japan's defeat (Korean liberation) through 1990. The latter half, "People," focuses on first, second and third-generation zainichi respectively, vividly depicting how they live.

English subtitles were made by Noboru Tomonari at the Department of Asian Languages and Literatures, Carleton College, with six students at Carleton: Narula Bilik, Joanna Lee, Mariko J. Long, Kelly Monroy, Katherine E. Morriss, and Erika Ohashi.

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260 mins
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