Save The Farm - The Largest Urban Farm in the U.S.

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Save The Farm - The Largest Urban Farm in the U.S.

Magic Lamp Media

Save The Farm is the story about the nations largest urban farm, a 14-acre organic farm in South Central Los Angeles. Over 14 years 350 families build a sustainable community oasis that feeds thousands of people local, organic food. However, when the city of LA sells the land back to a developer in a back room deal, activists and celebrities stage an 11th hour act of Non-violent civil disobedience to try to save the farmers from being evicted by Los Angeles police.

Latin American families, city politicians, a wealthy developer, environmental activists and celebrities collide in a milieu of ideologies, hidden agendas and issues of health and survival, all in a setting that could hold the key to the future of our planet. Issues covered include sustainable agriculture and ecology, urban agriculture, environmental design, sustainable communities, environmental justice, climate change and GMO's. Featuring Amy Smart, Daryl Hannah, Alicia Silverstone, Julia Butterfly Hill, Willie Nelson and more...

Winner! Best Short Documentary, Cleveland International Film Festival Winner! Special Jury Award, USA Film Festival, Dallas Winner! Special Jury Prize for Social Awareness, Nashville Film Festival Winner! Best Short Documentary, Tulsa International Film Festival Winner! Mark Haslam Community Filmmaker Award, Planet In Focus Film Fest