Dusk - 1950s East Berlin Bohemia

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1950s East Berlin Bohemia

1 hr 32 mins

Berlin in the 1950s: divided, but not yet walled. Young artists, at the start of their careers and seeking a new lifestyle, frequented the East Berlin cafes and bars that were meeting places for intellectuals, as well as Cold...

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Peter Voigt
Barbara Brecht-Schall, Barbara Lübbert, Carl Weber, Ekkehard Schall, Gerd Zeuchner, Hans Stetter, Heinz-Dieter Knaup, Igael Tumarkin, Ingrid Lechner, Jutta Voigt, Karl-Eduard von Schnitzler, Kurt Mühle, Rolf Ludwig, Rudi Ebeling, Stefan Lisewski, Ulrich Wüst, Werner Stötzer
DEFA Film Library