Neon - The History of the Neon Sign

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The History of the Neon Sign

1 hr 24 mins

NEON celebrates the beauty, color and vibrant history of the neon sign from an international perspective as we face a world where it will soon be lost and superceded by L.E.D. signage. Neon is 100 years old and the craft and...

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Lawrence Johnston
Adolfo V. Nodal, Alan Hess, Candice Gawne, Charles Phoenix, Cork Marcheschi, Danielle Kelly, Darcy Tell, David Ablon, Debra Jane Seltzer, Dydia DeLyser, Eric Lynxwiler, James J. Murray, Karla Murray, Kenny Greenberg, Kim Koga, Lili Lakich, Mark R. Panelli, Michael Flechtner, Nancy Deaner, Paul Greenstein, Rick Juleen, Tama Starr, Thomas E. Rinaldi, Tod Swormstedt
Gravitas Ventures