Winner of an Award of Merit at the San Francisco Film Awards and praised by music educators, "Carry the Tune" is a intriguing look at the power of music to improve peoples' lives in professional, personal and spiritual ways.

Orchestra music teacher Paul Trapkus explores the Colorado Front Range with students Elizabeth Potter and Kelvin DuVal, meeting countless avocational musicians who see music not as another obligation to fill, but as an essential part of a well-balanced life. "Carry the Tune" follows Trapkus as well as instrumentalists and vocalists of all ages and abilities, who use classical, jazz, bluegrass, rock, and other styles as vehicles for lifelong learning and fulfillment without neglecting their many college and career commitments.

Gary McPherson, author of Music in Our Lives, calls the film "the best example of a documentary that showcases the power of music education." Tim Lautzenheiser, author of The Art of Successful Teaching, says, "I would insist everyone watch it. It's a magnificent gift with a message of truth - artistic truth."

At its heart, Carry the Tune highlights a challenge we all face - the endeavor to balance our work with our passions.

Running Time
126 mins
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